Who We Are


Who We Are

Hi, we're a boutique family-owned business offering Finnish inspired homewares and handcrafts, including unique prints that are cute (söpö), created with fiery Finnish grit (sisu) and ethically made.

Thank you for taking interest in Söpösisu! For a long time now we, two sisters, have dreamt about starting a homewares and handcrafts store that pays homage to our Finnish roots, but we’ve never had the opportunity or time to really develop this idea. Until now. When, believe it or not, having a tornado toddler and a very rambunctious baby has allowed us the time and inspiration to work on our dream.

As Australians with Finnish-born parents, we grew up with a very deep-seeded sense of our Finnish heritage and often felt like oddballs in the culture we grew up in. Our language was different, the food we ate was different, our behaviour was different and evidently our style was different. Over time we learned to embrace these differences and decided to let them run rampant. After all, accepting differences in people and places allows you to flourish in your own right, right? This acceptance opened the door to Söpösisu – a space where we can dream, design and create things that bring us joy, in the hope it offers the same joy to others.

We’re loving this journey so far and look forward to sharing all of our creations and perhaps some strange ideas with you.

Thank you for visiting us.

Susu + Heidi

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